Photography – Introduction

‘Photo’ means “Light” & ‘Graphy’ means “Writing or Drawing”, So, ‘Photography’ means “Writing or Drawing with Light”.

Photography is an art form in which light is a medium through which an artist can paint on canvas of roll film or an electronic sensor. With a light tight box photographs can be taken if this box has a lens, Shutter and a film chamber {used to place a light sensitive material on which image is formed}. These three parts are called the principal parts of a camera.

  • Camera Obscura – dark room with a pin hole, this is the simplest form and the basic principle of a camera and generating image.

Aperture, Shutter & ISO

These three factors are the main form factor of a photograph. In other words the exposure of a photograph is controlled with these three – aperture, shutter & ISO.

Aperture is basically the opening in the lens through which light reaches to the medium(negative roll frame). Aperture is denoted by “f no.” which is denoted by 1:(f no.). eg. we have a 50mm lens with f no. 1.8 then it will be denoted on lens as “1 : 1.8”. The Larger the f no. the smaller the opening, and smaller the the larger the opening. Aperture at f 1.2 has the larger opening when compared to f 4, 5.6, 8 or greater. This can be better understood with the help of an image.

Aperture is also used to control depth of field

Smaller f no. = shallow depth of field (Blur background)

Larger f no. = sharper depth of field (Sharper background)

Shutter is the mechanism by which the time of light going into the camera is controlled. It is placed just before the Negative film or the Electronic image sensor. Shutter works with two curtains, the first one goes up and then second will follow that depending upon camera shutter speed.

Shutter speed is also used to show the moment of subject in a photo.

Higher the shutter speed = Motion freeze

Lower the shutter speed = Motion live

ISO. After many innovations took place and the negative system was more developed the concept of film speed was also came into trend. The film speed was denoted by ASA or ISO both the terms were used in traditional photography films but now is digital era ISO is used only. ASA or ISO denotes the ability of a film to capture the light faster or slower. Films are available from ISO 50 to ISO 400 in the market. These are used as per requirement of the light where a photograph will be taken or a ISO100 or ISO200 film can be purchased to solve all the purpose and rest will be controlled with shutter speed and aperture.

So these three factors are very important to take a perfect exposure of a photograph or the exposure can be controlled with these free factors. a image will be shown describing the relationship between Aperture, Shutter and ISO.

To shoot a stunning image we are to master this combination of these three basic factors of photography. So Start using the Creative Modes on your Camera Dial which we will explain shortly.

You now able to understand the basic terms used in photography and familiar to their function also, Now we will guide you in near future posts to use the camera to take stunning photographs.

Looking forward for your queries…..


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