Start capturing stunning images

Now as you are well known to the history of photography and basic functions of the camera, you can now start capturing stunning images by using your DSLR or a point & shoot or with just a Mobile Camera. So just take out your camera and start capturing with whatever mode of camera u like, with Creative or Auto or Preset modes.

Auto – In this mode camera optimizes all the functions as per its software guide. No setting can be done manually. Flash will auto fire if needed.

Preset Scene – There are various preset scene modes with which you can directly set the mode to the desired preset and click the image better than that of full auto mode. eg. – Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports, Night, Night landscape and Flash off mode.

M/Av/Tv/P – This is the Creative zone of photography, Most of the stunning images are taken in this part of Mode dial. In M-Manual mode the Camera leaves its total control on a photographer. Any setting can be customized in Manual Mode.

Manual Modes Explained

P Mode – In this mode Shutter, Aperture and ISO will be automatically set by camera software as per scene requirement. And rest other Settings like White Balance, Metering, Picture style, Auto Focus functions can be customized.

Tv or S Mode – In this mode along with all other settings Shutter speed can be customized, Aperture and ISO will work automatically. We just need to set the shutter speed as per requirement.

Av or A Mode – In this mode along with all other settings Aperture can be customized, Shutter speed and ISO will work automatically. We just need to set the Aperture as per requirement

M Mode – Manual mode is the real creative mode as all the settings can be customized in this mode and we can get the desired results as we want. all the creative photography and professional photography is done with this mode only. Photographer have all the control in hand to get the desired result or to manipulate the exposure as per his artistic vision. Once you will understand to operate this mode, you will never leave it again or set the dial to any other mode. The Mastery of photography begins here…

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