Change the Perspective

The above image is taken with a normal lens, so the view is as we see with our eyes.


The control of perspective is the ability to use your camera and lenses to control the relationship between the foreground and the background of your pictures. So it’s your call that what lens or focal to use while shooting at work. We will elaborate that what lens or focal length has what effect in the perspective of your photographs. There are the facts you can experiment to confirm or just rely on these facts to get some stunning photos.

When you’re using a wide-angle lens, the background appears much farther away from your subject than it actually is.

With a normal lens, the background appears the same distance away as it does with the naked eye.

When using a telephoto lens, the background appears closer.

The viewing angle of a wide angle lens is on higher side than that of a normal or telephoto lens where the angle of view is much less. This means that with a wide-angle lens, you can sometimes surprise yourself with how much you’ve included in your picture. On the other hand, using a telephoto lens, your subject is more prominent and less of the background is included within your frame.

So, by varying your lenses or the focal length, and therefore your perspective, you can use the background to be more prominent in your pictures or isolate your subject as you require.

One very interesting experiment you can perform by shooting a variety of pictures of the same subject with different focal length lenses to help you understand how different focal lengths affect perspective. Remember to move backward and forward in relation to your subject to keep it the same size in all the frames and at all the different focal lengths.

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